Spin Cycle - EP

1. Pioneers

2. Closer

3. Spin Cycle

4. Somebody

5. For What It's Worth


Spin Cycle - EP

Opposite States - EP

1. Cynical

2. Opposite States

3. On My Own

4. Skylines


Opposite States - EP

Live at Catch 22

1. On My Own

2. How To Fly (Cover)

3. Feel It (Cover)

4. Closer

5. Sensual Interlude

6. Stone Love (Cover)

7. Badfish (Cover)

8. Somebody

9. Skylines

10. All Mixed Up (Cover)


Live at Catch 22

For What It's Worth (Acoustic Single)

1. For What It's Worth (Acoustic)


For What It's Worth



We're Opposite States, a reggae-rock band from Fort Myers, FL. We're are an awesome mix of reggae, rock, punk, and blues. Check out our songs, and then come see us at a show!

Chris Heine

Chris Heine

Lead Vocals/Guitar

Eduardo Parada

Eduardo Parada

Lead Guitar

Corey Moses

Corey Moses


Jake Young

Jake Young



Somebody (Official Video)

Heard Here Sessions

Pioneers (Single)

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